The Hero of My Own History

The aim of the Time Travel project (Aikamatka in Finnish) is to increase the social well-being of children and families by reinforcing their awareness of their roots and identities.

Climb up into your family tree!
Time Travel connects the childhood memories of different generations and family histories. We collect, share and process the memories using art educational and activity-based methods as part of a long-term themed project.

A salad bowl with all the fixings
The variation and cultural diversity within a family’s history is part of its richness. Discoveries related to one’s own family history support interaction that encourages respect for difference.

Memories are to be shared
Different memories are activated at different times in our lives. A story told by someone else may open the gates to secret gardens in our own past. Time Travel encourages and challenges us to talk about our own history: to question, to tell, to listen.

Do you remember that (inner) child? - empowering childhood memories
Time Travel endeavours to develop tools for inter-generational learning. Our own history is mirrored in our ways of parenting and raising children. Strong and unique childhood memories are an empowering resource.

Set out on a family tour
In the day care
-Time Travel training for early childhood education professionals and support for themed group work among children
In Time Travel courses
-providing empowering expert lectures and workshops for professionals in the field of education and social services, families and work communities, as well as educational institutions  
At the Kindergarten Museum
- Time Travel family events with varying themes
- Activities organised in co-operation with the friends of the museum and other volunteers

Theme-related questions encourage us to reminisce and inspire interaction between different generations. Within a respectful environment, adults’ memories of their own childhood and children’s ideas about today can come together in dialogue.

The Time Travel project (2015-2018) is part of the Emma & Elias programme coordinated by the Central Union for Child Welfare and funded by Finland’s Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA).

Contact information
Taina Sillanpää
Director, Ebeneser Foundation
Tel. +358 (0)50 307 0705